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Check by everyday to see whats new! I have just added and still working on the new Pawneer page under the Guide page(s). I will also be working on a Subbie or a Subcriber page. Like the last new update you see I added a Recent Quests page. In total I have made 4 new pages for your enjoyment: Pawneer page under the Guides page, Recent Quests page, Pony Express page and a Calcultaing Untrainables (UTs) page under the Guides page. I will add the new Sub page soon. Swing by the new pages to see what there about!! Check back soon!
The Sub page will be located under the Guide Page. :)
-Your guide creator,
Category: Site News | Views: 802 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 29-05-2011 | Comments (0)

Since school has gone out for summer vacation, I will be working on this site more. Also, Im working really hard on the quests and I know I won't be able to add the new quests that come out on the pages I haven't started. For this reason I have made a Recent Quest page. I will complete the new quests that come out each update and post them on the Recent Quest page. For example, I haven't done T Quests and it will take me awhile to reach there so if any new quest comes out and it starts with "T" I will post it in the Recent Quests page. If this isn't as clear as I'd make it to be contact me through the contact form.
Enjoy all of your summers!!
Category: Site News | Views: 781 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 27-05-2011 | Comments (1)

Horse Isle has been live for four years! To honor that, Birthday Tokens can be found on the grass. Sell them to the store to make a little money. They'll only be around until the next update though!
-New breed: Tersky available in black, bay, dun, white, and grey
-3 new quests:
Miguela's Tack Quiz (50qp) [Intermediate]
Paul Paddock's Pony Pandemonium (275qp) [Intermediate]
Winthrop's Tack Care Quiz (75qp) [Advanced]

-Typos and bug fixes.
-Birthday Tokens are found all over Horse Isle mostly in the grass. Im warning you, Earton General Store dosen't buy them for to much, try Treeton General. Tretton sells them for 4,500.
Category: Game Updates | Views: 3073 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 04-05-2011 | Comments (0)

New Breed: Appendix Quarter Horse
New Companion: Basket of Kittens
1 new quest: Baby Karina's New Bed
Jungle Isle has caves to explore now! Be sure to bring a friend with, as they're pretty complicated.
Counting Sheep will now pay you for counting correctly.
New Jungle Temples discovered.
A new Ice Sculpture needs carving.

Appendix Quarter Horse comes in all the colors. Basket of Kittens located on Cat Isle. New quest is Baby Katrina's New Bed, locations for Jungle Caves and New Ice Sculpture and other Jungle Temples coming up.

Category: Game Updates | Views: 678 | Added by: TitansCurse | Date: 19-04-2011 | Comments (2)

New Breed: Irish Sport Horse  (Every color)
New Isles: Basalt and Scoria Isles! (Scoria is near Magma and Basalt is "on" the compass)
- To get to Basalt: Take the boat from Scoria Isle
- To get to Scoria: Finish the quest [Argus Beesty's Delivery (125qp)] and speak with Argus, who will teleport you there.
2 New Quests:
Argus Beesty's Delivery (125qp) [Novice]
Gofer's Repair Job (75qp) [Novice]

Enjoy everyone! I love when new isles come out! I'll add the new quests and isle directions ASAP
Category: Game Updates | Views: 890 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 27-03-2011 | Comments (0)

-New breed: Anglo-Arab (all colors except roan)
-New companions: Fireflies (Earton Pet Shop) and Rubber Ducky (Appleton Pet Shop)
-3 new quests:
Enzo's Surprise (25qp) [Novice]
Jack Reelin's Fish (125qp) [Intermediate]
Kelda's Visito (150qp) [Intermediate]
-Enjoy! -S

Category: Game Updates | Views: 883 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 20-02-2011 | Comments (0)

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