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I might be imagining this but I could've sworn that a user sent me some quest help through the Contact Us Forum. I received it and went on vacation for a week and my email deleted it for some reason. If you did send something please tell me so I know Im not going crazy, and thank you even though I didn't get to post it, Im sorry

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Hey guys!!! I realize the last time I posted an entry was in Feb... I haven't been on HI for a very long time. I couldn't do anything last week because I had a stupid scrapbook and bridge project and exams and bleh. But now Im back!!! If you have sent a letter/complaint/help or other through the Contact Us forum, I want to let you know I HAVE received them but I haven't gotten time to look through them. If you need quest help best chances is asking Titans because I don't know anything that's happened through like March- now...sorry!!! I will try to answer all your questions and add more quests!! Thank you for your patience!!!! And welcome to the new members!!!


P.S. I got one particular question about Fergus O'Toole's Lost Chests quest and I uploaded it with pictures! Look at the "F" quests!!!

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Some of you may have noticed i have a little "countdown" poster at the bottom of the Home Page. Its for the Hunger Games movie which comes out March 23, 2012!!!!!!!!! i CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! THOSE BOOKS AREEE SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS HAVE TO READ THE BOOKS THEN WATCH THE MOVIE!!! THE TRAILER IS AMAZING!!!!!!
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Thank you for all your help. Seriously, it means a lot that people actually use my site and help me. Im really busy (as always) and going on a week field trip to Camp Greenville!!! (If you know where/ what it is... good for you ! =] ) Thanks to bokusenou for all the help!!! Thanks for posting the Jungle Temple help!:
Here are the answers to Jungle Temple 15 (in the forest above Tropicton), and 16 (go down the Western coast of Jungle Isle until the land starts to split, it's in the forest close to that area. Both temples can be seen as brown spots on the map). 
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I know I haven't posted stuff in over 2 weeks, Im really really busy with school and report cards came home blah blah blah... um THANKS TO EVERYONE (MegaApple and Bokusenou and everybody else) for sending in help on where to find the items for Carlotta's Big Secret quest!!! Ill post it here:

~Tissue paper=Treya in Tropicon, Balloons=Reuben in Appleton.
~Balloons from Reuben in Appleton. To get Tissue Paper, talk to Trayja. To get the lemons go to George Gimme Grubs store on Skullton, and the wood ash on Hoof INN
Thanks you guys :)
ALSO, HorseIsle news:
[October 21, 2011 ] Fan Art Competition:
Wow, we received over 500 fan art submissions! It was very difficult to select through them, and we will not claim to have done it based on any exact science. We certainly left some wonderful art out. So, mostly we looked at each art submissio ... Read more »
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Only 10 more months till I can get back on HI1! I've been hanging around on HI2 as Inheritance is you guys wanna visit :3 Sorry for disappearing, I couldn't stand seeing HI1 stuff x.x

Yours truly,
Category: Other | Views: 852 | Added by: TitansCurse | Date: 27-08-2011 | Comments (0)

One admin says I might be able to rejoin if they delete my accounts. Another admin stated that obvious, and I'm waiting for the reply :3
All we can do is hope!!

Also, if you all love me, someone save me a purdy Walkaloosa :3

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I have been *officially* banned until June. I can still answer questions about the game, but nothing after the Iberian Warmblood update. Sorry Everyone!

Category: Other | Views: 975 | Added by: TitansCurse | Date: 12-07-2011 | Comments (0)

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