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20. Mag1zilla Bitch [magluvsmonkeys]   (03-12-2018 10:40 PM) E-mail
hey guys it's me bitchessssssss

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19. Yungjie Li [Valli]   (14-02-2017 5:27 AM) E-mail
Dovefeather from Brown server here, and will always be there. Love this site, it's extremely helpful and actually seems to update!

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18. [fourtwentyone]   (17-07-2012 0:59 AM)
I noticed that the quest info for Madame Babushka's Missing Scarves was (somewhat) missing on the 'M' Quest Page. I'm not sure this is the right place to put this, but I thought I'd share that I found Madame Babushka wandering around the top right corner of the rock pile next to Harriet on the third sand isle. Just thought I'd share in case anyone was wondering. smile

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17. [Myst3966]   (14-07-2012 10:33 PM) E-mail
I absolutely love this site!! Though I have had a few problems with logging in. :/ (Can't ever remember passwords.)

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16. [MissyAngel]   (01-07-2012 10:17 AM)
MissyAngel from le Pinto was here xD
Great site, it has helped me alot with both quests and minigames lol

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15. [Empy]   (21-12-2011 3:01 AM) E-mail
Fantastic site; comprehensive break down of each aspect of HI game play. Will definitely be recommending this site to others!
~ Aquamarine

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14. ME   (22-09-2011 6:17 AM)

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13. Poisonivy   (15-09-2011 11:46 AM)
gr8 site!! xx (from pinto!) biggrin biggrin

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12. Sassysilver   (14-09-2011 8:24 PM)
Its prob a bug or something but if the contact us forum isnt working you can email me at: if you need to. Sorry about this i'll to fix it


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11. Calyx Walker [Cora]   (13-09-2011 7:57 PM) E-mail
CheerCoachCora from grey was here! and Wants to send you something under 'contanct us' but it isn'tworking so she's really hopingthat gets fixed soon or someone gives her the email for the people of this site!

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10. [TitansCurse]   (27-08-2011 3:09 PM)
Gah, it's been sooo long x.x Did they ever find Hawky and/or Sonya? And how's Beck doin? xD

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9. [SassySilver]   (13-08-2011 2:03 PM)
Oh no, thats ok it wasn't just what you told me. I also found some things that were messed up because the layout. Thanks and I hope you continue to use the site. biggrin

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8. OrangeGirl   (12-08-2011 7:23 PM) E-mail
well, you changed the whole layout of the site! XD, sorry i didnt tell you i had found some way to get to it, when i said i was trying to roll down and it didnt work, i was using the side bar but to get it down i had to use the rolly thing in the middle of the mouse. Looking good smile

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7. OrangeGirl   (30-07-2011 1:01 AM) E-mail
hey when i click on the quests and i want go on letter H but i can't, i try to roll down but i still cant XD
Answer: I checked this out and i think that this layout might be causing it so i will prob have to change the layout sad but look in the news posts later on so you can help me pick a new one.

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6. OrangeGirl   (23-07-2011 6:22 AM) E-mail
OrangeGirl from Dun is here

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5. KittyKat   (28-05-2011 8:28 AM) E-mail
This site is looking good! smile

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4. TuckerLuvr   (14-01-2011 4:23 PM)
Muhahaha tuck was here >:D great sute guys tongue

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3. [TitansCurse]   (10-01-2011 6:30 PM)
It'sssssssssssssssss TIIIIITANNNNNNNNNNN! cool

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2. shannon x   (10-01-2011 4:50 PM)
bounty from dun! tongue
its really good so far wacko

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1. Melanie XXX [WinterWhisper]   (10-01-2011 4:43 PM) E-mail
WinterWhisper from Dun was herrrree >:D


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