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Im sorry I haven't added anything new recently. Ive been super busy with school stuff :/ and dealing with summer. School is starting, at least for me and I might not be updating it as recently. Im sorry. I will try as hard as I can to add new things.
Category: Site News | Views: 836 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 12-08-2011 | Comments (0)

Do to a recent guestbook post I found out that the horse layout is causing some problems and people aren't able to read some quests. I changed it to this until we can pick a new one. I told you guys that you would be able to help me choose a new layout out and the links below are samples of some.
Send your vote through the contact us forum or the guestbook. Thanks.
Category: Site News | Views: 921 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 31-07-2011 | Comments (1)

One admin says I might be able to rejoin if they delete my accounts. Another admin stated that obvious, and I'm waiting for the reply :3
All we can do is hope!!

Also, if you all love me, someone save me a purdy Walkaloosa :3

Category: Other | Views: 873 | Added by: TitansCurse | Date: 23-07-2011 | Comments (0)

As promised... I added the 3 new quests to the Recent Quests page and I added the Giraffe to the Companion Page. Also, in the new quests, you'll find two new NPC. One happens to be Unmapable NPC. So, I added Señor Cangrejo to the Unmapable NPC page. Enjoy!
Category: Site News | Views: 1001 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 20-07-2011 | Comments (0)

New Breed: Walkaloosa (All colors except: white and pinto)
New Companion: Giraffe (Jungle Isle)
3 new quests:
Ricardo's Remedy (75qp) [Novice]
Señor Cangrejo's Welcome (50qp) [Novice]
Shastri and Sammy (100qp) [Intermediate]
Bugs and Typos fixed
I'll add the new companion to the companions page and also add the new quests to the Recent Quests page.
-SassySilver, dun
Category: Game Updates | Views: 1010 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 20-07-2011 | Comments (2)

I have been *officially* banned until June. I can still answer questions about the game, but nothing after the Iberian Warmblood update. Sorry Everyone!

Category: Other | Views: 962 | Added by: TitansCurse | Date: 12-07-2011 | Comments (0)

I have been messing around the site and found some new things. I found some pages that I haven't finished or need to be fixed. If you catch one that needs changes please contact me through the contact forum. Thanks to all who already help. To this, I would like to add that by simply joining, you will recieve an award and a reputation point. If you continue to use this site, you will earn more reputation points. To view your awards or reputation points just click "My profile" you will then see what you have. Again, thank you for using this site and helping me out.
Category: Site News | Views: 882 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 09-07-2011 | Comments (0)

Ok, I had to make a new account, due to things I will not say on TitansCurse. I'll still keep my user on here as TitansCurse, and continue signing as Titan, but if you want to find me, I'll be on Dun as SleepUnending.

Happy Fourth!

Category: Site News | Views: 805 | Added by: TitansCurse | Date: 04-07-2011 | Comments (0)

It seems to be that you click on one link and a different link from the same page appears. I know this has happened to the Sandcastle Moats page and now the Cloud Coin page. Please, please if you catch this problem on any other page PLEASE contact us through the contact form so I can fix it ASAP.
Switching subjects I have finished many minigame quests I know I haven't done any new quests but for now Im working on finishing the minigame pages. But I will finish the quests! Enjoy the finished pages and come back to see what I've added!!
Category: Site News | Views: 712 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 08-06-2011 | Comments (0)

New breed: Iberian Warmblood (All colors and pretty D:)
New companion: Chameleon (Hotton 11k)
1 new quest (Nomasonto's Special Gift (75qp) [Novice])
5 characters want new paintings painted for them.
Painting for Chanda (25qp) [Advanced]
Painting for Esther (25qp) [Advanced]
Painting for Freddy (25qp) [Advanced]
Painting for Jada (25qp) [Advanced]
Painting for Mirah (25qp) [Advanced]

Category: Game Updates | Views: 1414 | Added by: TitansCurse | Date: 01-06-2011 | Comments (1)

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