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Hey guys!! Some new updates!!!:
-I've added the Pallas cat and the Hippo calf to the companions page.
-I've added 10 new poll questions! Send in your vote!
-I have blocked guests from posting on the guestbook and commenting on News Posts only because Ive had lots of comments that are just spam and to prevent spam on this site I have blocked guests from doing that. Im sorry
- I DO have 43 quests/minigames to finish. I AM trying my best to finish them.
- I have added Jungle Temple 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9
- I added Carlotta's Fiesta Delieveries to the "C" quest page and Edgar's Good Deed to the "E" quest page
Enjoy!!! More additions to come!!
Category: Site News | Views: 1079 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 27-12-2011 | Comments (0)

 I have added Allaire's Missing Apples is a lengthy one and can be found under the "A" quests. I am currently working on Carlotta's Big Secret and if you know where to get the balloons or the tisuse paper please comment. I have noo idea why I made the Twitter, im never gonna use it so forget about that idea
Category: Site News | Views: 1697 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 10-10-2011 | Comments (3)

I have added 3 new quests:
Andrea's Mysterious Noise (25qp) [Novice]
Bruno's Apple Deliveries (100qp) [Intermediate]
Bruno's Special Delivery (50qp) [Intermediate]
You can find them under the "A" quests page and the "B" quests page. I know people are probably wanting me to post the newest quests and I will as soon as I can. I also FINALLY finished fixing the Companions page, sorry bout that. Uh.. also to the Companions page, I added the Polar Bear Cub there... I think thats all. Stay tuned for more add ons
I found a new Horse Isle post on the News page:
[ October 8, 2011 ] Fan Art Competition:
We did this back in 2009 and it went really well. We decided to hold another fan art competition this year to see if anyone has been doing Horse Isle related art recently.

So, until October 15th, anyone who has drawn, crafted or created something inspired ... Read more »
Category: Site News | Views: 1380 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 09-10-2011 | Comments (0)

I fixed some things on the site and also i found out how to put up a picture without the link but its more work so i will try to change them all like that. Im hoping to put up the quests up soon. Sorry guys. Also, thanks for all the new guestbook signing and I realized our site also has some new players, Welcome!!
Category: Site News | Views: 850 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 24-09-2011 | Comments (0)

Im soooo sorry its taken me this long to update this site but Ive beeen soooo busy with school. This year is gonna be harder and ill have more pressure on me to make better grades. I added the rest of Quests L and might not to some more in a while. Im sorry its taken this long.
This is probably the longest time its taken for HI to update but:
[ September 5, 2011 ] Max Money:
Please note that there is a max amount of money that you can hold in the bank and that you can have on hand. This is mostly just because of the coding, but it's also to help prevent people from getting even more insane amounts of money than they already have.
The maxes are:
$9,999,999,999 in the bank
$2,147,483,647 on hand.

If you go over the amount on hand (by trading or selling an item) you will lose the money. We do not return lost money. I'm sorry for those that have alre ... Read more »
Category: Site News | Views: 820 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 06-09-2011 | Comments (0)

Im sorry guys, ive been soo busy with school. I had so much homework to do and i need to catch up on things. Tests quizes homework, that stuff. IM afraid i might not be posting for quite a few days maybe weeks :( intil things at school calm down and I can read my schedule :) Im really sorry guys...
-Sass (Your stressful site owner :p)
This is a Horse Isle news post:
[August 20, 2011] Delayed Update:
Sorry for it once again being so long between updates. We are hoping to be able to do an update within the next week or so. So, please be patient a bit longer and we'll have ... Read more »
Category: Site News | Views: 787 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 23-08-2011 | Comments (1)

Im sorry I haven't added anything new recently. Ive been super busy with school stuff :/ and dealing with summer. School is starting, at least for me and I might not be updating it as recently. Im sorry. I will try as hard as I can to add new things.
Category: Site News | Views: 816 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 12-08-2011 | Comments (0)

Do to a recent guestbook post I found out that the horse layout is causing some problems and people aren't able to read some quests. I changed it to this until we can pick a new one. I told you guys that you would be able to help me choose a new layout out and the links below are samples of some.
Send your vote through the contact us forum or the guestbook. Thanks.
Category: Site News | Views: 879 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 31-07-2011 | Comments (1)

As promised... I added the 3 new quests to the Recent Quests page and I added the Giraffe to the Companion Page. Also, in the new quests, you'll find two new NPC. One happens to be Unmapable NPC. So, I added Señor Cangrejo to the Unmapable NPC page. Enjoy!
Category: Site News | Views: 972 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 20-07-2011 | Comments (0)

I have been messing around the site and found some new things. I found some pages that I haven't finished or need to be fixed. If you catch one that needs changes please contact me through the contact forum. Thanks to all who already help. To this, I would like to add that by simply joining, you will recieve an award and a reputation point. If you continue to use this site, you will earn more reputation points. To view your awards or reputation points just click "My profile" you will then see what you have. Again, thank you for using this site and helping me out.
Category: Site News | Views: 828 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 09-07-2011 | Comments (0)

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