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New breed: Salernitano - Boooooooring!
*New companions! These are super, super special and can only be purchased on one, small isle. They are also extremely expensive, so expect to either not be able to afford them for a while, or have a significantly lighter pocket when you leave. - 505m. Found on Nonesuch
One new quest. - Zachava's Matching Necklaces (25qp) [Novice]
-Joe and Miranda

*Companions include:
-Semaphore Cat
-Common Gibroot (which looks like a slug)
-Glass-winged Zugunit(pony with rainbow wings and slight resemblance of a lizard...)
-White-lined (half of the body a Collie then has a nose like an anteater and eyes like an alien..)
-Pileated Nerphlquat (small.. rooster/crow??? with peacock tail feathers)
I will get these in the Companions page ASAP

-Titan ... Read more »
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