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Hello guys!! Hope your weeks going well... New additions to the site:
-I did add the gnome and pink flamingo to the companions page
-I added Quests M-P, Quests M page but i havent put up any M quests because I do not know how to do *Madame Babushka's Missing Scarves quest. It appears to be locked. I've asked around HI but no one seems to respond to my AD, wondering how to unlock it. If you know how I would be forever grateful!
-Ive added a new quest to the M page.
-TitansCurse has finally come back from her long ban and is now back on dun as TheTitansCurse xD 

*I'd like to thank Coyotie, TechPickles, and SilentWolf on Palomino for giving me the information on the quest. It appears to start by talking to Harriet on the 3rd Sand Isle. By talking to her she'll tell you to go to her aunt, Madame Babushka, who wanders around the hut by the ... Read more »
Category: Site News | Views: 1231 | Added by: SassySilver | Date: 17-02-2012 | Comments (1)

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