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[November 4, 2011] (ALMOST 2012!!!)
[November 1, 2011]
New breed: Kerry Bog Pony
John O'Lantern has a gift for all! Do not get too attached though, this special companion will slowly be eaten throughout November, and eventually disappear.
5 new quests
Some typos and bug fixes.
-Joe and Miranda
I don't know the new quests because I dont get on HI anymore that much and honestly, im getting kinda bored of it... I got so GREAAAT help from GoldenArab, thank you!!! I'll post it here:
The Pallas Cat Pumpkin Playground (35qp) [Novice]
Start quest - west of Arbuckles home on Cat Isle
Talk to Batkhuyag, a Pallas Cat to start the quest (not sure if you have to dig for pumpkins in this quest though) then he'll tell to go to a place where there is a rock, a log and stumps (just a little south west on edge of forest) and you meet Batkhuyag, a Pallas Cat and talk to him to finish the quest.
Reward - Unknown sorry

Edgars Good Deed Quest
Edgar is now living in Molten Meadows with Farley to start the quest.
Talk to Edgar then Farley then Edgar again and he'll agree for you to find a dentist handing 3500 to you.
The dentist lives in Wington Karee Dentin she'll say she can fit in an appt then go back to edgar, but he tells you he cannot be faced being seen in public so you go back to Karee and then she'll tell you Evelynn in the same meadow can make the wax (requires 1 honeyconb) and charges about 1500 then go to back to edgar in Molten to get the sample made from Farley then go back to Karee in wington for the dentures to be made then back to Edgar to finish the quest
Thank you SOOO MUCH!!! Its so detailed and wow, thanks again!!! :)
Soo... two of the new quests are Edgar's Good Deed Quest and The Pallas Cat Pumpkin Playground. If you know the other 3 post a comment on this entry, comment on the guestbook, or mail me through the contact forum.
(P.S, ill revise and add the two quests when I can, i just added it here for people who like to do quests right when they come out)
(P.S.S Titans (TitansCurse) Is still banned... She plays HI2 under a username that I dont know... LOL but yeah, thought you might wanted an update on her)
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You Completed The Pallas Cat Pumpkin Playground! You earned a Ruby Necklace and 35 quest points.

^^ By the way, you get the Pumpkins from doing the new quest for Arbuckle. And also near the end when you goto the stump area and you put the pumpkins down you then need to rake the ground which you are standing on. Then the rest of the cats come so then you need to talk to Lianhua then the quest is done.

Thanks for the basic helpfulness

Oh yeah, here are the answers to Jungle Temple 15 (in the forest above Tropicon), and 16 (go down the Western coast of Jungle Isle until the land starts to split, it's in the forest close to that area. Both temples can be seen as brown spots on the map).
Feel free to use the pictures in anyway you like. smile

Yes! Those quest guides were very helpful! You wouldn't happen to know how to solve the new jungle temples, would you? I'm stuck on #13 (web isle) right now.

You Completed Edgar's Good Deed! You earned $25,000 and 175 quest points.

P.S.S.S.S John O'Lantern is on Dolphin, allll the way at the bottom... and P.S.S.S.S.S Hope you all had a very enjoable Halloween (i know i did smile ) and Im (and prob you too) looking forward to the Thanksgiving Holidays!!!!

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