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[July 19, 2012] HI Update +
[ July 15, 2012 ] Sunday Game Update:
American Paint coloring redone.
New companion: Lemur
 tack: Hunting tack. Colored like the new Parade Tack, but now it's English. Also, the tack has increased in price some. It isn't the "simple" tack, so we felt it should cost a little more even though it doesn't give any better stats.
One new quest.: 
Renard's Wayward Children (250qp) [Advanced] Look in the "Recent Quests" page
-Joe and Miranda

Red Hunting Tack is found in Earton
Blue Hunting Tack is found in Appleton 
Green Hunting Tack is found in Treeton 
Black Hunting Tack is found in Witherton
The lemur is found in Treeton Pet Shop 

Also, I would like to thank EVERYONE who uses this site and who send in help. I try my hardest to answer you guys but Im so busy. Truth is im getting a bit bored of Horse Isle and I might quit...Im still thinking about it though. But if you need help on recent news/quests your best chance is to ask Titans since she's on more. Another thing, if a new quest in not in the regular Quests pages, try looking in the "Recent Quests" page :) thanks.

Right now Im working on adding the new tack to the "Tacks" page and also trying to respond to all your emails and fix what needs to be fixed. Thank you all for your patience =) 

P.S I have removed Lelu's Lost Locket and Grendel's Big Appetite and A Pocket Watch For Ed from the Recent Quests page and added it to the appropriate "L", "G", and "A" quests pages. 

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when are you going to add the N-Z quests pgs???

When we get enough information to fill them in. I'm currently working on Black server to do the quests, as well as asking my Dun buds for help.

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