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6:12 PM
Finally, some repairs
Im soooo sorry its taken me this long to update this site but Ive beeen soooo busy with school. This year is gonna be harder and ill have more pressure on me to make better grades. I added the rest of Quests L and might not to some more in a while. Im sorry its taken this long.
This is probably the longest time its taken for HI to update but:
[ September 5, 2011 ] Max Money:
Please note that there is a max amount of money that you can hold in the bank and that you can have on hand. This is mostly just because of the coding, but it's also to help prevent people from getting even more insane amounts of money than they already have.
The maxes are:
$9,999,999,999 in the bank
$2,147,483,647 on hand.

If you go over the amount on hand (by trading or selling an item) you will lose the money. We do not return lost money. I'm sorry for those that have already gone over the limit. There will be a note in banks in the next update.

Speaking of the next update, we are working hard and hope to get one by the end of the week. I can't make any promises though. There's lots of work to do. Thanks for being patient!
-Joe and Miranda
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